Pre-order Policy

Item marked pre-order means that the item has not been in stock and manufacturers have not released to be available to the general public. We are waiting for the item to be shipped from the manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors. Once the pre-order items become available, you will have priority for shipment if you purchased pre-ordered items.

Your credit card will be charged upon placing pre-order items. When paying with Paypal account, your fund will be immediately deducted from your account. In some occasions, manufacturer will limit the amount of an item availability. We will inform you in some cases of short supply for pre-ordered items, in which the pre-order transaction will be cancelled. We will process the pre-order transaction in which they were received.

The availability dates listed on the detail page of the item is the most current information we have from the manufacturers. The minute we received the items, we will mark the item as in stock. Your pre-order item will be then shipped immediately according to our shipping schedule. If you ordered multiple pre-ordered items, we will ship each items as it arrives and becomes available in stock. We will do our best to prevent multiple shipments. A shipping charge will be applied each time the pre-ordered item becomes available for shipment.

When placing a pre-order and in stock items at the same time, we will split the order and ship out the in-stock item. There will be additional shipping cost incurred when pre-order items become available and ready to ship.

Please note that all release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer, wholesalers, or distributors. We do not manufacture the products we sell. We reserve the right to limit the quantity at any time. This is an effort to satisfy as many customers we possibly can on a popular item.

We only sell authentic, genuine, authorized and officially licensed merchandises from reputable manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.
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