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One:12 Collective Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Batman

From the blockbuster DC Extended Universe film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, come an incredib..


One:12 Collective Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Knightmare Batman

From the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, come a comprehensively detailed out..


One:12 Collective Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Superman

Inspired from the latest blockbuster DC Extended Universe movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,..


One:12 Collective Captain America

Steve Rogers as Captain America is the living symbol of patriotic superhero vowing to serve his coun..


One:12 Collective DC Comics Classic Superman

Superman is the sole survivor of planet Krypton with powers beyond those of mortal men. He takes up ..


One:12 Collective Deadpool X-Force Previews Exclusive

The Merc With A Mouth joins One:12 Collective with his comprehensive detailing X-Force black a..


One:12 Collective Marvel Comics - Dr. Strange

Following a tragic automobile accident, Dr. Stephen Strange searched the world for a way to heal h..


One:12 Collective Marvel Comics - Spider-Man

When Peter Parker is inadvertently bitten by a radioactive spider he is infused with spider-li..


One:12 Collective Marvel Comics Wolverine

Wolverine is a member of the X-Men. His shadowy past includes being a soldier, a mercenary, and ..


One:12 Collective Old Man Logan

In the alternate future of Earth-807128, Wolverine is now known as Old Man Logan. He has aged. He ..


One:12 Collective Spider-Man Homecoming

The teen superhero, Peter Parker, made his sensational debut as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil..


One:12 Collective Star Trek - Captain Kirk

From the original Star Trek series and the iconic captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, Mezco T..


One:12 Collective Star Trek - Spock

First introduced to TV audiences in 1966, Star Trek became a landmark show that sparked countless fa..


One:12 Collective Star Trek - Sulu

Mr. Hikaru Sulu, portrayed by actor George Takei, bravely guided the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 duri..


One:12 Collective Wolverine X-Force Previews Exclusive

With a shadowy past the X-Men member known as Wolverine was a soldier, mercenary and part of the..


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